What We Are

FrontFoot Media Initiative is a non-profit mass media organization which seeks to promote enduring change in Africa through robust and uncompromising journalism.  It is inspired by the determination of three experienced Nigerian journalists to make the profession more relevant in bringing about change in the material conditions of the people and the way they are…

Why We Are Different

Contemporary journalism is mired in the old and familiar narrative of trouble, doom, and gloom based on the belief that bad news sells. But a surfeit of bad news can result in a self-fulfilling prophecy, of a future almost denuded of hope. The story of the human condition is far more complicated, and this will be reflected in our work. Without glossing...

Our Mission

FrontFoot Media Initiative aims to re-invigorate media practice in and about Africa, using Nigeria as base; and to promote reporting in a context that gives it meaning and involves people in finding solutions to common problems.

In building the professional capacity of our journalists, emphasis will be on issues and causes that directly affect the lives of the people, especially security of life and property, food security, health, climate change, and education.

Key initiatives of this engagement:

Promotion of A Digital Publication

Training & Re-training

Engaging With Critical Sectors


Nigeria's Elections

On February 25 Nigerians went to vote in much anticipated presidential election which produced some seismic shocks to the political order but left a lot of angst as to how that order appeared to resist the change many sought and fought for. This was the climate in which the governorship and state houses of assembly elections were rescheduled for March 19.
The following are two views on Nigeria’s long and winding – and still uncertain – road to democracy and a sense of being:


FrontFoot will undertake projects aimed at strengthening the mass media as a key element in the practice of democracy. These will include a variety of training and retraining programmes, a professional institute, and publishing.


The last quarter of 2022 was a busy one for FrontFoot. We had multiple multi-city events where we engaged key stakeholders of the Nigerian media and politics and discussed critical issues with both sectors as well as pragmatic ways forward.

Media Rountable - Lagos - November 2022
Audit Reporting Workshop - Awka and Benin

Post-Workshop reports

NEWS updates


If you wish to volunteer to help FrontFoot please send an email to: info@frontfootng.org.

Our Founders

Sully Abu                   Emeka Izeze             Sonala Olumhense