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From the River to the Sea

I remember when I was so proud of what the Nigerian government did in my name in international affairs. Nigeria’s pivotal role in dismantling the apartheid regime in South Africa, in the face of strident opposition from Europe and the United States of America gave our country a long since forfeited moral stature in the international community. Earlier this month, South Africa struck a bold blow at another apartheid creation and this time Nigeria has been shamefully silent. This is the easiest moral position to take because whatever the outcome of the Middle East catastrophe two things are clear; the killing must stop now and the apartheid contraption will one day surely end. I went to a march in Washington DC in support of an immediate end to the mass murder in Gaza. I felt proud to be among a diverse group of people determined to stand on the right side of history in this horrific moment through which we are living. United in the belief that every human being from the river to the sea should have equal rights. This statement ended a letter from the rabbinical council of the Jewish Voice For Peace calling for an immediate end to the bombing in Gaza: “History will judge us by what we did or did not do in this moment.”


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Many have seen the video of Nigerian leader Bola Tinubu driving through Lagos Island during the Christmas holiday.  It is the perfect story of Nigeria: the powerful leader driving through


Emeka Izeze, director of FrontFoot ( 2nd left), recently received the honorary fellowship award of the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence in Lagos. First left is Lanre Idowu,founder of DAME and distinguished journalist. From right is BusinessDay publisher Frank Aigbogun and Nduka Obaigbena, Chairman/Publisher ThisDay.

what we do

Our Mission

FrontFoot Media Initiative aims to re-invigorate media practice in and about Africa,
using Nigeria as base; and to promote reporting in a context that gives it meaning and
involves people in finding solutions to common problems.
In building the professional capacity of our journalists, emphasis will be on issues and causes that directly
affect the lives of the people, especially security of life and property, food security,
health, climate change, and education.

Key initiatives of this engagement:

Promotion of a Digital Publication

...centered predominantly on positive, uplifting news and stories.

Training & Re-training

...our journalists and key media stakeholders who have a part to play in holding public officers accountable.

Engaging with Critical Sectors

...such as politics, education, the media and so on, to achieve mutual objectives.

Event Spotlight: Lagos

Audit Reporting Workshop - Day One

Audit Reporting Workshop - Day Two

What We Are

FrontFoot Media Initiative is a non-profit mass media organization which seeks to promote enduring change in Africa through robust and uncompromising journalism. It is inspired by the determination of three experienced Nigerian journalists to make the profession more relevant in bringing about change in the material conditions of the people and the way they are governed. If journalism is to advance the Nigerian people, it must reject the old narratives of compromise, corruption, and cohabitation with the very forces that have perennially frustrated that objective.

Why We're Different

Contemporary journalism is mired in the old and familiar narrative of trouble, doom, and gloom based on the belief that
bad news sells. But a surfeit of bad news can result in a self-fulfilling prophecy, of a future almost denuded of hope.
The story of the human condition is far more complicated, and this will be reflected in our work. Without glossing over
the bad news, we will also reflect the light in the horizon and the rainbow in the sky.

Our Projects

Training Programmes

One of our take-off ventures is the Collaborative Media Engagement for Development Inclusivity and Accountability Project, a targeted training of journalists which we are undertaking under the auspices of the Wole Soyinka Center for Investigative Journalism (WSCIJ), and the sponsorship of the MacArthur Foundation.




Training Institute


Our Events

FrontFoot has been busy since inception in 2022. We have had multiple multi-city events where we engaged key stakeholders of the Nigerian media and politics and discussed critical issues with both sectors as well as pragmatic ways forward.

October 25 – 26, 2023

July 8, 2023

July 5 – 6, 2023

November 19, 2022

October 19 – 20, 2022

October 5 – 6, 2022

Post-Event Reports

Participating journalists put pen to paper and created reports based on what they'd learned at their respective workshops.

News Releases

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Phone: +234 705 707 0383

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Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm
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