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What We Are

meaning and hope through credible journalism

FrontFoot Media Initiative is a non-profit mass media organization which seeks to promote enduring change in Africa through robust and uncompromising journalism.  It is inspired by the determination of three experienced Nigerian journalists to make the profession more relevant in bringing about change in the material conditions of the people and the way they are governed.

If journalism is to advance the Nigerian people, it must reject the old narratives of compromise, corruption, and cohabitation with the very forces that have perennially frustrated that objective.

We believe that media professionals must put genuine journalism first, if our quest for a continent capable of taking care of all its citizens and contributing immensely to humanity, can record noticeable advancement. 

This means that organizations and employees of FrontFoot must never compromise professional ideals. They must shun the tendency to grovel or appear to be subservient to public authorities.

From the period 1950s-60s when most African countries attained political independence, and through the disruptive era of coup d’etat and military rule that punctuated their histories, there has been a steady erosion of democratic values that is partly traceable to, or linked with, the decline of professional journalism. 

FRONTFOOT aims to contribute to the deepening of democracy by strengthening journalism.  We have adopted the non-profit model for this purpose: to put uncompromising reporting and strict adherence to professional principles and ethical values ahead of the political and profit motive. 

The meaning of this model is that we will advocate the training, retaining and rewarding the best journalists to enable them make careers of being journalists rather than being tools for the advancement of the agenda of politicians and profit-hunters as they transit into politics or business.

Our Core Values


We value truth in all
its forms



We encourage transparency at all times


Diversity & Inclusion

We respect all races, genders & religions



We love Nigeria and will see her flourish


Our Founders

Meet the passionate minds behind the operations.

Sully Abu


A former columnist, on the Editorial Board of The Guardian, Sully Abu also served as its East and Southern Africa correspondent and then Regional Editor based in Harare, Zimbabwe for several years. He was Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of The African Guardian magazine and New Age newspaper.

Sonala Olumhense


Sonala began his career at The Punch in 1979. Became a foundation staffer of The Guardian in 1983, serving on the Editorial Board and as columnist, then as Ombudsman & Editorial Page Editor. He was then appointed the pioneer Editor of ThisWeek Magazine in 1986, and later held many public information positions at the United Nations, including leading the UN Radio and newspaper in Somalia.

Eluem Emeka Izeze


Emeka is a former Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian. Prior to that, he was Editor of The Guardian on Sunday, and later, Editor of the flagship daily, The Guardian. He also wrote a column for the newspaper. He has served on the board of journalism training and advertising regulating organizations. He has trained and mentored many journalists and media practitioners. He is a Fellow of the Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs, Harvard University.

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